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My Fan Fictions

I write a lot of Harry Potter fan fiction. This is all for fun and I make no money from this. I own nothing related to Potter and this is just a creative hobby. To read my articles about writing and fan fiction click here

AU Canon Divergent story. Harry Potter seems to have been killed during the Battle of Hogwarts, but his parents have taken steps to ensure he is resistant to the evil magic of Tom Riddle. Five years later, Harry returns as a much changed, much more powerful, but scarred and damaged man. The world has changed, too. Now a dark, dangerous police state in Voldemorts grip. Harry must save his true love, Hermione Granger, from her abusive marriage to Ron Weasley, then take the war to Voldemort, destroy his Lost Horcrux and save the Wizarding World.

The Lost Horcrux or ffnet link or you can now read it right here on my site

Canon-compliant post 7th year fic with a strong Harry/Hermione relationship bias. (If you do not ship this couple please avoid this fic. I disregard the ‘canon’ ships by choice, please respect that) Harry wakes after seeing the epilogue as a dream. He doesn’t like it, or his own unhappiness in it. This is a very introspective, soul-searching fic with a Harmony ending. It is a slow burner, switching POV between Harry and Hermione as they begin life after the Battle of Hogwarts

The After Life or here

An alternate 7th Year fic written post-HBP but pre-DH. Follows the hunt for the Horcruxes and the developing relationship between Harry and Hermione. Very Harmony-centric from the beginning so if this ship isnt for you best to avoid. I posted this at and Portkey ten years ago but never finished it, hence this re-visit. Just using now as a vehicle to alleviate writers block and enjoy a bit of Harmony goodness while im at it 😀😀 may post other old fics later if so inclined

The Wand of Ravenclaw or here

A Harmony short. Harry and Hermione confront the events of the tent and the implications for their future.

Breaking The World or here

AU One-Shot. Harry comforts Hermione after her torture by Bellatrix. Emotions open up and a new future emerges. Unabashedly Harmony.

One Is Never Enough or here

Harmony One-Shot. Six months after the end of the Second War, and Hermione has done some thinking. She has no future with Ron. Harry has already turned away from Ginny, and into the singles dating scene. The mistake they’ve both made is to not give in to each other. A meddlesome house-elf will see to it that some mistakes don’t have to last forever.

We All Make Mistakes link 2

“Harmony at Home” Collection

Harry and Hermione and their children prepare for a day in the snow. A Harmony one-shot, part of the ‘Harmony At Home’ series.

A Snow Day Link 1 Link 2 or read onsite here

Harry and Hermione and their children play a game of hide and seek. Part of the ‘Harmony at Home’ series, a collection of cute one-shots/shorts about Harry and Hermione Potter’s family life.

Hide and Seek Link 1 Link 2 or read onsite here

Hermione Potter and her daughters discuss the little things in life as they prepare for the visit of the Longbottoms. Part of the ‘Harmony at Home’ series

The Birds and The Bees Link 1 Link 2 or read onsite here

An AU sixth year story. An emotionally damaged Harry spends the Summer after his fifth year healing with Hermione. Their relationship deepens and as threats come from all sides during a turbulent school year, they come to realise they can only rely on each other

Harry Potter and The Alchemist’s Cell Link 1 Link 2

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